vue grind

i am burning out on my interest in vue just as we hit the hard parts. to be fair to myself the “hard parts” aren’t strictly essential and I will probably only understand why I need them once I get really in depth in working with vue. anyway, today i covered filteres and mixins, half assed animations and transitions, half assed vue-resource ,and kind of got started with vue-router. thanks to react-router the last one isn’t such a novel concept but there is an inevitable adjustment period. Then there is vuex as the last module before i finish up with The Stock Trader project. there is a conspicuous absence of authentication in this course which makes sense as it is purely frontend focused.

i think i want to work on workproject 2 (3?) with vue and will have to figure out how to wire it up to a backend but at this point I feel fairly prepared to do this although it will take quite some work. In fact, that is probably my immediate focus this coming week, finding and making a perfect vue based full stack boilerplate with authentication.