React Leaderboard

completed the freecodecamp leaderboard project!

I’m over the hump on React given the struggles of the past two days and am now starting to get natively productive (by which I mean I can take specs and put it together in React without taking any hints from the source code of the project, although still relying heavily on my saved code snippets and googling). I did learn that I have very little patience for styling tables and gave up after 20 minutes of trying to figure out why my cellpadding edits weren’t working. I will have to pay that debt later but for now I’m happy that I can be functional in es6 (hehehe) and I can make enough sense of things to cobble stuff together. I also used promises to sequence execution for the first time (i still think it should be the default…).

At the back of my head I am slowly accumulating a bunch of projects that i would like to do. However I am still missing a bunch of key knowledge points to execute on them:

  1. sentieo dashboard - i am missing knowledge of deploying react on heroku
  2. dualclassme - i think i have most of this actually, just need to play around with the linkedin port
  3. You Don’t Know Your Stocks - estimation game. I think I could do this in pure react (actually doable in jquery but why bother)
  4. emailreader - need to host an email server and run code entirely on that

i am naturally attracted to anything with data, with a community aspect or voting aspect. so that means i routinely dismiss the frontend needs and css knowledge like in this exact example which looks like crap but works functionally. I need to compensate by doing more of the js30 exercises.