react day 3 - react breakthrough!

i have just viewed cs50 lecture 0 and it was disappointing because it was too basic. i am moderating my own views right now and going for react on codepen as it at least lets me learn something. i will still have to cover my bases somewhere but cs50 is probably not it right now.

back to react.

i got pretty far today. finished the react module and started on reducers in redux before deciding I knew enough to fill out the markdown previewer in FCC. there is some trickiness in codepen with regards ES6 syntax (codepen doesnt seem to support fat pipe function declaration eg functionname() => { etc} preferring functionname:function(){ etc } and for class creation same thing var App = React.createClass({ instead of const App = () => {

i think i need to get natively productive in react wich means rebuilding the markdown previewer by myself tomorrow given what i learned today about the codepen limitations for the es6 syntax

adding this to the to-read list