picking back up

a dreadful couple of weeks due to a combination of travel (to london) and subsequent sickness. I am not beating myself up about it and instead just moving on. I have also signed on for FullStack Academy starting late june.

I am investigating https://github.com/arkon/MERN-boilerplate and now looking at how to deploy.

i ran into trouble and filed this issue: https://github.com/arkon/MERN-boilerplate/issues/2 but it looks fairly terminal.

https://github.com/cllgeek/mern-boilerplate had no Mongo connection so d.o.a.

https://github.com/Hashnode/mern-starter uses some crazy demon shit that doesnt work in heroku. but otherwise it would be great.

  1. heroku
  2. heroku config:set MONGO_URL=mongodb://abc:abc@ds131041.mlab.com:31041/heroku_t7pj6x5j