my darling clementine

Happy new year!

I am posting my daily coding adventures here. Let’s hope it goes well.

Today I completed freecodecamp’s d3 challenges.

I need to learn React to complete the Data Viz certification but I think that is of secondary importance to gaining some expertise in full stack backend.

I think if I can create clementine.js every day for January I will have this in my head.

Here is their very excellent tutorial. Use to test it out.

it is 8pm and i have spent the rest of the afternoon recreating clementine.js (including passport.js) and deploying to heroku. heroku gave a lot of issues and i should note down the trip-ups here:

  1. the top problem in deploying to heroku in search results is not changing the port. so instead of app.listen(8080) you should do var app.listen(process.env.PORT || 8080). easy enough.
  2. i have had no perceptible success with deploying heroku configs, eg heroku config:set MONGOLAB_URI=mongodb:// i have defaulted to using .env
  3. in passport.js there is a callback function that stores your URL. when switching from a development environment like cloud9 to a deployment environment like heroku you need to change that config.

I don’t understand passport.js in much great detail having followed the tutorial in pretty much copy and paste fashion. But I was at leaast able to handle the js errors that appeared along the way.