impostor syndrome pt 1

i dont talk a lot about the podcast but i probably should. it’s at in case you’re really reading this and don’t know i run it. (i’d be surprised!)

i am really liking the process of recording conversations and then returning in 1-2 weeks to really digest and glean some takeaways. I’m not sure what the future of it is but I am mentally deferring its real launch as long as I can.

i do need to buckle down to do interview prep but also have soooo many ambitious plans for the post bootcamp career.

i also filed a PR for docs. still baby steps. i def do need to learn git more.

rauchg told me to check out nextjs again on twitter today. now i pretty much have no choice. i love that guy.

its bittersweet seeing some very good friends become fullstack fellows. i know i couldve been one if i were american. but i am not. in any case its a holding pattern on life.

i spoke to a fellow singaporean (Daniel) in the fullstack remote cohort today. very smart guy.

i have a giant backlog of unread sites on my phone browser. need to get rid of that some how.