FIrst Fullstack Board for WOrk

5.00 here after pretty much starting from 11. Thank god again for I finished the analytics board I have been planning for work and I am really happy with how it turned out. Here is the stack I used:

  1. Node backend
  2. Express routing
  3. React frontend
  4. react-google-charts data viz
  5. Data munging: data-forge, fast-csv, moment

I should learn how to load up and maintain my data in mongoose/sqlite but i have short circuited that with csv format for now so that i can continue to do my processing layer on my local python machine.

So with this I think i have done the requisite consolidation (thank god again for fullstackreact, seriously) that I need in order to confidently whack out the next app, the nightlife coordination thing. but i count this as a job well done as it has been a few weeks in the making.