Workproject 2

I only made it 30 minutes yesterday in vue. It became evident that I would need way more than 2 hours to learn all the necessary paths of vue. it will take the same time as React. So given I have less than a week until my SF trip I am going to just finish up workproject and then see what I can do in VR.

11.50 checking in. I am done with the locally hosted version of workproject and have to deploy it now. I think material-ui is pretty good but ultimately it is not mature enough for heavy duty dashboard use. for example, tables cannot yet be sorted and i found this bug when selecting all and deselecting.

deploying preloaded databases to heroku and mlab:

  • create heroku
  • allocate an mlab instance
  • create user
  • inside mLab, go to Tools -> import/export helper
  • mongoimport -h -d heroku_p8g173r6 -c userdata -u <user> -p <password> --file <input .csv file> --type csv --headerline