I just finished FreeCodeCamp's Backend Certification

notes on For Implementing masonry.js inside my meteor application:

  • add css to client/main.html header
  • add <script src="/node_modules/masonry-layout/dist/masonry.pkgd.min.js"></script> to react component (documentslist.js)
  • use the inline html method as that is the most direct way to get it working

My backend requirements are completed!

Boom. Now I sleep.


Points from meteorchef/koleok on why to use galaxy

koleok [10 hours ago] 
swyx: Basically just that with galaxy you:
- don’t need to set up a load balancer
- have built in rolling deployment automation
- basically get certificates/https abstracted away
- get as many `*.meteorapp.com` urls as you want _(which is what i use for review apps)_

But I have no stake in selling anyone on galaxy, you can do the gitlab ci/review-app thing with wherever you host including heroku