What to do when you hit a dead end

still working on https://www.freecodecamp.com/challenges/build-a-nightlife-coordination-app

I haven’t gotten any significant breakthrough overnight on my problem from yesterday. I have three plan B’s:

  • retry with no redirect for login
  • retry with vue
  • retry with gomix

Time to get to work.

3.00ish here. ok now this is a breakthrough! i ended up not pursuing any of my plan B’s.

with these two steps I think I have the missing pieces. I need to verify that I can deploy and access an API.

5.00 here. I have deployed the yelp api on top of the steps above and at this point i have everything i need to complete this thing. I just need to wire it up. the tricky thing here is that this method uses react router and so you cannot test the api’s you set up on a separate development server. you need to run it together with the react app which isn’t the worst thing in the world. its been a long day and i will tackle this tomorrow.

Here are some inspirations: