Too Many Frameworks

Current thoughts

I am still riding a little high from finishing the stock chart project yesterday and briefly debated turning it in to a bigger thing for work but I think I will leave that to slightly later.

Now I am down to my last two backend projects, the Book Trading Club and Pinterest Clone, and the end is so near I can almost smell it. I feel absolutely confident that I can figure out how to make each of these things on a standard React+Node stack either hosted on Heroku or Gomix, and now I am facing a little bit of a greedy dilemma regarding whether I want to try out Meteor or Vue for these projects. Trying out new things will probably slow me down but enhance my familiarity with each of these tools so I can pick my favorite ones. Of course, there is the “true l33t” option where I just build each project with each technology multiple times over and if I had more time and devotion that would probably be the right way to understand the limitations of each technology.

Holes in my knowledge

I should also mention here that a lot of effort spent understanding Redux has now not been used for a long time and I am worried that I am not keeping current on it. I have also started to experiment between Bootstrap, Material, and Semantic UI. Lastly, from my struggles in the last project with the inputbox submission it is clear that I dont know jQuery well enough (or at least, I can’t make it coexist well with react) so I need to spend some time understanding base jQuery.


I am going to go ahead and do the Book Trading Club in Meteor+React and see how far I get, while leaving Vue to the Pinterest Clone as I am liking Vue more and more just from listening to enough Evan You podcasts.