Sockets With Persistence

So the other part of the stock chart challenge is implementing sockets. This is native within create-react-app and meteor but I wanted to do a bit of my own cooking as it is too easy to lean on meteor.

I did want to try gomix to see what a different deployment experience might look like. So the challenges I am setting myself here are deploy on gomix and implement first before laying on the stock charts which should be the simplest layer now that I have found some libraries.

Sockets tutorials:

10.40 checking in. So doing an MVP wasn’t too difficult although I did run into some issues with synchronous programming with fiber. i just switched to async for now as I wasn’t able to figure out what the issue was.!/project/persistent-chat stored in is a project that takes the gomix standard projects: async storage and socketio chat to create a persistent chat project.

I will then use this to create a separate ticker-chat project where i will layer on the api pull and the charting library and finish this FCC project.