Game of Life - Done!

checking in on the other side of the flight. I am still battling a bad cold but decided to just knock out the Game of Life task today given that I realize it doesnt require redux and is just more of a math problem than anything else.

I think I did the right thing with regards to the evaluation algorithm, but I ran into a particularly persistent bug in terms of understanding the relationship between this.state.grid and grid. it appears to be a two way binding instead of one way and that was surprising to me. According to the official docs this is not supposed to be how it works but that is the only way I can explain it as when I broke the connection intentionally the thing was fixed.

the smaller discovery is the differnce between using setInterval and setTimeout. in short, always use the latter.

Onward and forward. I just have the dungeon crawler left to get the dataviz certification. then I have multiple possible paths but I think here I should take a pause and figure out how to deploy react to heroku and redo my analytics dataviz. And then I learn redux and then carry on with the last of the backend certifications.