Friday 13th and I feel so good

today i finished every last detail of the FCC recipebox project cloning everything down to the UI (black, of course). There were some interesting things to learn including:

  • localStorage (surprisingly simple although you have to remember to JSONify)
  • accordion and modal operations (in particular, making sure your accordion parent child relationship is 1 degree apart, and also debugging modals is a huge bitch)
  • passing functions down a chain of react elements is definitely messy. i cant wait to see what i can do with redux.

this is the last “easy” react project in FCC. the next one, game of life, is a huge order of magnitude step up. I honestly don’t even know where to start. I am wondering if i should stop here with FCC react and go back to the udemy tutorial but I don’t think redux will help very much with this game.