Finished Base+FCC

here we go again. I want to finish up my base-fcc boilerplate and then actually get started solving pinterest.

I have been facing issues with CSP on fonts. this seems to be the hint: I fixed it by going into the ./meteor folder and editing browser-policy-common.js to include:

var contentTypeOptions = BrowserPolicy.content &&
        BrowserPolicy.content.allowOriginForAll( '' ) &&

Other Sources

problems I ran into:

  • is now outdated i think. use

I am done. is live and the source code is here. Hopefully it helps others and my future self

I think there is one minor thing I have neglected which is this user story:

  • User Story: As an unauthenticated user, I can browse other users walls of images.

I will try to implement this before i go to bed

Inspirations (VR Edition)